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Safes Installation Removal Re-Location and Maintenance
Strong Room Doors and Vault Doors
Currency Counting Machines
Digital Fire Proof Filing Cabinets
Handheld Metal Detector
Cash Transfer Units
Walk Through Metal Detector
Vehicle Safety Inspection
X-ray Baggage Scanner
Lock Systems
Other Office Equipment
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Welcome to Safes and Office Security Ltd

The company was incorporated in may 2001, and took over the business of the former S & O supplies LTD, which had been in operation since 1963. The company was formed with the vision of providing specialized office security equipment to the cooperate citizen. Today, we command recognizable market share especially in the banking supplies as involved.

Safes and office security Systems limited is one of the leading providers of Safes, Fireproof cabinets, Strong room doors, Access control systems and associated security products and solutions.

The company was formed with the vision of providing office security equipment and systems to Kenyan Market and beyond. Today, we command a good market share both in the banking and private sector in security equipment system and their maintenance.

Our services include supply, installation & servicing of an extensive range of security products, for both domestic and commercial customers.
We provide a large range of home safes, commercial safes, strong rooms doors, metallic/fireproof cabinets and even bespoke safes to meet your individual security needs; indeed we can supply and install safes to suit any requirements.

Our clients benefit from our extensive research and development expertise, as well as over fifty years of experience in providing security solutions.

Security Safe Moving, Relocation & Disposals

Are you a shop fitter, financial institution, Insurance Company or business owner looking to relocate or dispose of your heavy safe?
Look no further!

With over 20 years of experience in safe removal and relocation, there is little or nothing we haven’t seen nor overcome. No matter the size or weight our experienced teams are fully equipped to fulfill your requirements.
We provide reliable, flawless and professional safe transportation that is tailored to each job. Our service is fast, efficient and cost effective.

Just give us a quick call. We will take a few basic details and provide a free cost estimate. You can also send us a quick email. If you need a large safe moving, relocating from one premises to another or even disposal of a security safe then S&O services maybe be able to help.

Our Specialist Safe Services

For Safes Repair and Safes Maintenance Service; including Safe Installation, Safe Removal, Safe Moving and Safe Re-location Contact Us. To find out more about other Maintenance Services.

For more on Safes installation removal re-location and maintenance.

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Our commitment

Our quality-driven team is committed to establishing long-term business relationships by providing exceptional service and comprehensive security solutions, enhancing strong customer care all over the country. Read More…

We offer both safes and entire security packages and we talk to you about how to integrate your safe into your home security concept. Our expert team will take care of the delivery and of the professional installation and the mounting of your safe. Our after-sales customer service is always available to answer your questions.
Safes and cabinet comes in all types of size that most people will not have the equipment move, so S&O will be able to move a large Yale, Chubb Safes or Burton Safe etc.

  • Underfloor Safes ( very rare that these are moved )
  • Freestanding Safes
  • Cash Deposit Safes
  • Fire Proof Cabinets
  • Gun Safes

There will be various methods that S&O will be able to use to move a safe.  Remember some safes are very large and heavy so specialist equipment (stair climbers, specialist trolleys, cranes) will be needed to enable the safe to be moved.

  • Move safes up and down stairs
  • In and out of windows
  • Up and down lift shafts

Our conclusion is if you need a safe moving, relocating or just disposing always use S&O

Our technical department comprises of an experienced team which is qualified in the maintenance and repair of any type of security equipment. We guarantee a after sales service and timely response.
Relocation of a safe from one location to another
Just a simple moving of a safe from one room to another within the same building
Disposal of a unwanted safe
Book for Maintenance / Repairs & Other Support Queries