How to Move a Safe

We can’t give you a step by step instruction manual as no two safe movements are the same. They can be heavy and awkward to move and without the correct care and equipment you could end up damaging your property.

Types of Safes that need professional care

Although you may be tempted to do it yourself, most people do not have the correct equipment or knowledge to complete a secure safe movement. Depending on their location, during a movement safes can sometimes be the cause of damage to wooden stairs or tiled floors.

Different Ways of Moving a Safe

A professional company will use various methods when relocating or disposing your safe. Specialist equipment is needed such as stair climbers and cranes. Training should first be provided to anyone thinking about using this equipment, stair climbers, dollies and cranes can be used when transporting safes up and down stairs, in and out of windows and up and down lift shafts.

Top Tips for Moving a Safe

Whether you require a simple relocation to another room within the same building, or you want to dispose of a safe you no longer need, you’re better off finding a professional company to help. Here are some top tips to keep in mind before starting your safe movement.

Tip One—Empty the contents before it is moved. Any contents inside the safe could be damaged when the safe is moving around. This will also make everything easier, the safe will become lighter and easier to maneuver.

Tip Two—Give as much information as possible. When organizing your safe movement make sure you mention any challenges that might ensue. For example, stairways or narrow passages must be taken into consideration. It might be necessary to have an onsite evaluation to determine what equipment is needed and to prevent any property to your property on the day.

Tip Three—Plan Ahead. This might sound obvious but plan and prepare space for where you want the safe to be installed before the professionals turn up to move it.

Tip Four—Keep your safe on the ground floor. When you are moving into your new home or shop, it is best to keep the safe on ground floor. Upper ground flooring may not be strong enough to withstand the heavy weight and therefore could be hazardous.

Tip Five—Be safe. If you do decide to move a safe by yourself then you must be extremely careful and take every possible precaution. You must acquire all the proper equipment and be confident in how to use it. When moving the safe make sure there are at least three to four people around the safe to help when needed. Without taking the correct precautions you risk serious injury to yourself and the property.

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