Main features:
GOLDBANK fireproof filing cabinets are a modern way to protect your files against fire at the office. FRC-range fireproof filing cabinets offer fire protection for 60 minutes for documents.
This range is available in different sizes, from the two drawer FRC-20 (H: 826mm x W: 530mm x D: 770mm) to the four drawer FRC-40 (H: 1550mm x W: 530mm x D: 770mm).

In addition, all FC filing cabinet models offer:

Light grey colour
Adjustable filing rail width (A4, legal, letter, foolscap and folio paper sizes)
All drawers can be locked and opened with a single lock
Various drawer sizes

For specific document and file protection, we recommend our fireproof filing cabinet range. These filing cabinets offer all the standard protections of our anti-fire safes, helpfully organized in filing cabinet format that can itself be configured to adjustable A4, legal, letter, foolscap or folio paper sizes. All fireproof filing cabinets adhere to NT FIRE 017 – 60 PAPER standards.

What to look for when buying a safe
When you buy a safe, the most important consideration is that the ability of the safe to protect your valuables from the possible threats has been independently verified and assured against high-quality global standards. It is one thing to claim a safe will keep your most prized possessions safe, but it is another to be able to ensure that what you claim is true.
The integrity of your files, documents and data is of paramount importance and, here at S&O, we’ve built a business ensuring it stays that way. When you chose S&O, you are choosing the safest, most secure option for the storage of your belongings and the knowledge that we will always work to keep it that way.

All S&O products are officially tested in the industry’s leading test institutes. We use ECB-S certification for burglary classification to make sure that our products can keep our promises.
These guarantees are important to us, and they ensure that the integrity of your belongings, documents and data is maintained when you choose S&O for your fire proof safe and filing cabinet needs.

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